Does Your Practice Need Social Media?

Does Your Practice Need Social Media?

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Is Social Media really that important for your practice?

It certainly is!

No matter how big or small your audience may be now, you are missing out on crucial opportunities for growth if you are not utilizing these tools that give so many businesses an advantage.

Gain Trust And Sincere Relationships

One of the best approaches to gaining life-long patients is by developing connections based on trust.

You can focus on over-delivering on high-quality services and improving your patients’ health and prosperity. All you simply need to do is illustrate this to your patients both inside and OUTSIDE of your practice.

Interact with your patients where they are when they’re not at your office—on social media. Tune in to what your patients have to say, and add value to then whenever you can. Answer questions. Offer free valuable health information with a sprinkle of promotions here and here. Be a part of the community.

With time, your sincere interest in your audience will establish trust—and you can ensure that your patients will choose your services over nearby competitors.

Increase Word Of Mouth Marketing

I will admit, there is great power in Word-Of-Mouth-Marketing. It is one of the most helpful types, especially when it comes to the medical industry as a whole.

Referrals are critical to the exposure of your practice. After all, we do go to friends and family for suggestions. Whether it be for eating out or trying a new health service, we like to go where others have been previously. This is why reviews are so import along with a presence on social media.

Social media marketing is essential word-of-mouth on a much larger scale.

For example, if a viewer of your Facebook pages sees some of their friends liking it, or even leaving a review on it, they would be more inclined to like it and check out your services as well.

Even with a few hundred people following your pages, you may get eye-balls from your follower’s friend group. And with paid traffic, exposure can be expanded even more!

Attract Your Target Audience

In order for someone to trust your services, you need to visually build your authority up to them. One of the best ways to do this is through sharing value through content to an audience on social media. It brings this sense of attraction of customers to your business. Very similar to how the Law of Reciprocity works. If you give value to your audience through social media, they will not only see you as an authority but also return the favor (more like a desire at this point) through utilizing your services.  


When it really comes down to it, social media can really be an asset to your practice.

Your patients expect you to be on there and if not, you are missing out on quite the opportunity for your business.

Stay tuned for how you can calculate an exact ROI for your practice when it comes to social media.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about this.

Norris Brown

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